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Leash, 12mm x 180 cm
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Tic clip

 Tic clip
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Anibio's effective Tic-Clip for ticks, fleas and vermin
Tic-Clip is a super smart clip for your pet's collar, which with magnetic activity protects the dog from vermin such as fleas, ticks and other things up to 90%. Tic-Clip can be used by both dogs and cats - all breeds and all sizes.
The magnetic plate, the size of a name tag, is attached to the animal's necklace. Tic-Clip has a built-in magnetic plate that charges through kinetic energy (motion). After 2-5 days, a special magnetic layer is activated on the plate, which prevents insects from jumping on the dog because they do not "like" to be in magnetic force fields.

Tic Clip that is effective for up to 2 years thanks to effective sealing.
The clip is mounted on the necklace and then protects optimally after a few days. Remember to clean the Tic Clip, as grease and dirt can reduce the effect - preferably once a month. Once the Tic clip has been away from the dog for some time, it must be recharged for 2 to 5 days before full effect is regained. For larger dogs, both rings must be inserted together with the Tic Clip. The dog does not need to have the clip at night.
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