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Odor rehabilitator biological

 Odor rehabilitator biological
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Degradation by natural microorganisms.
• Works with 5 strains of microorganisms.
• Clean where others give up even at depth.
• Removes organic material and stains.
• Allergen controlled.
• Harmless to the environment, people and animals.
• Provides no stains.
• Can be sprayed on all that is water resistant.
• Made in Sweden.

NATURE-written purely biological odor rehabilitator with microorganisms find and break down organic materials like urine, proteins, carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose and fats.
Unique formulation that ensures a highly efficient operation because the product works with the entire 5 different strains of microorganisms.

DUO function - immediate encapsulation of the smell, then begins the microorganisms break down and eliminate the organic material that causes the smell.
When the organic material is completely nerbrutet will not smell back after a while.

Natural microorganisms and enzymes
Each strain of microorganisms are highly specialized and are designed to break down a specific type of organic material.

Therefore NATURE-written purely biological odor rehabilitator very effective when it contains the entire 5 different strains. This ensures degradation of all common organic materials that cause odors.

Microorganisms divide approximately every 20 minutes and so the process goes all the time faster and faster until all organic material is nerbrutet.

The microorganisms living on the organic material by penetration made possible by the enzymes produced during reproduction. When there is no more organic material is no more food for the microorganisms and therefore they die after having completed the job by removing the source of the bad smell. That's exactly what's happening around us all the time.

The difference is that we have selected just the natural microorganisms that want to eat the organic material we want to break down and get a waste product is carbon dioxide and water instead of that during the natural decomposition process produces unpleasant odors.

Practical use:
Can be used eg sofas, beds, carpets, car, tile floors and joints etc.

The product can be sprayed on all that is water resistant.

Do you have pets that have eg urinated on a couch so wipe it off, you can get away with paper. Then spray the agent so that you have covered the entire spot and a little beyond. Do not spray on too much so that there is risk of drying stripe afterwards. The microorganisms begin breaking down and follow the urine down to the depth of the padding and breaks down all the stain as opposed to chemical-based cleaning products only manage to clean the surface.

NATURE-written purely biological odor rehabilitator must not be mixed with other chemicals and drugs when they can break down microorganisms in the product.

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 Odor rehabilitator biological
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 Odor rehabilitator biological
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