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Standardt Omega3 Fish oil

 Standardt Omega3 Fish oil
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Cold-pressed fish oil for human quality from wild caught fish.

Omega3 is important for cells, skin, fur, joints, heart and paws. They help nutrient uptake and produces substances together with vitamins and minerals to the immunological system while the fatty acids give the right energy. Most dogs & cats can get a better general condition of the additional intake of animal fat with a high quality = high EPA & DHA values.


Today we know that certain nutrients are essential, meaning they must be supplied in the diet because the dog or cat can not produce these substances themselves. For a dog or cat, the energy come from animal fats for optimal physical conditions and a complete nutrient uptake.

Energy from animal fat is one of the most important resources for launching a compromised immune function along with proteins, vitamins and minerals. The various fatty acids helps nutrient uptake and produce substances with the above nutrients to the immunological system. The fatty acid EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) is naturally present in all animal fats and among the highest EPA concentrations detected in the cold pressed oil from oily fish, wild caught fish.

Omega 3 fatty acids EPA / DHA is important for the body's cells, contributes to cartilage structure, nervous system, blood, skin / fur formation and muscle movement. They help nutrient uptake and produces substances together with vitamins and minerals to the immunlologiska system while the fatty acids give the right energy.

EPA can stop inflammation and they have also found that the EPA from fish oil blocks the enzyme that is behind the breakdown of cartilage in the joints.

Omega 3 fatty acid EPA is the only one of the fatty acids taken up by the dog's cartilage cells (chondrocytes) and helps to control inflammation deep inside the joint. Shiny coat, good skin and soft paws are all good signs that the dog or cat gets enough energy to all his nutritional systems.


The nutritional content can help

Led & cartilage formation
Bone and cartilage reconstruction

Nutritional deficiencies can contribute to

Itching and Dandruff
Skin and coat problems
Joint problems
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Cold-pressed fish oil of wild caught fish from the Atlantic Ocean.
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Label Standardt
Country of Sweden
Use Public Health, Sensitive & Dry Skin, Beautiful coat

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