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Standardt Milk Acidified Calcium 200 g

 Standardt Milk Acidified Calcium 200 g
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Supplements for cat / dog with acute need for rapid calcium uptake.
Standardt MILK ACIDIFIED CALCIUM should be used only in urgent need of a quick lime uptake during short periods.
During / after childbirth can bitch get an acute lack of calcium (eclampsia - cramps, exhaustion) and a lime must be quickly absorbed by the body. Dissolve the milk sour lime in the water and give the bitch / cat (by force if necessary), preferably together with glucose or Standardt ACTIVE.

However, remember that excess calcium during gestation can cause pain weakness. So be sure not to give extra lime if it is chemically treated, more than what is needed to balance the high concentrations of phosphorus (in ex. Additional fresh meat / fish) before delivery.

Milk Sour lime is always chemically treated and can be overdosed, ie the body can not dispose of the excess if necessary. Should only be used when rapid absorption is necessary and should only be given for a limited period. Other chemically treated limes (eg. Bound with salt) is such trikalciumdifosfat or mono-calcium phosphate.

If you want to provide extra calcium for longer periods or during the lifetime should give chemically untreated lime. For example, if you cook your own food or if it is suspected that the need for various reasons are elevated. Standardt Bone meal and Standardt Calcium Plus contains two non-chemically treated lime products, which you can use instead. See related products on the right.

 Table Of Contents
Calcium L-Lactate (Milk Sour Lime 100%)
Weight of dog Dosage / day
0-5 kg ​​0.5 tsp
5-10 kg 1 tsp
10-20 kg 2 tsp
20-30 kg 1 tbsp
30-40 kg 1.2 tablespoons
40-50 kg 1.6 tablespoons
50+ kg 2+ tablespoons
Cat's weight Dosage / day
0-2.5 kg 0.5 tsp
25-5 kg ​​1 tsp
5-7 kg 1.5 tsp
7.5 + 1.5 kg tsp
1 teaspoon = approximately 3.35 g.Dosering should be distributed over the day all targets.
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Country of Sweden

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