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Leash, 12mm x 180 cm
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Ointment 15 mL crocodile oil

 Ointment 15 mL crocodile oil
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The products contain:

  • Palm oil
  • Beeswax
  • 18% Crocodile oil

Crocodiles can have an intro, heal quickly and infection free

from very serious injuries. Upon examination it was found that
crocodiles have a membrane under the skin to the inner holding strong
antibacterial and antifungal agents.

The product are 100% natural and raw material
from farmed animals. The products can be advantageously
tested on eczema, insect bites, hot spot, wounds. and so forth on humans, dogs,
cats and horses. Excellent for dry sore paws in winter.
The products are harmless if the animal licks the treated sites.


Jewelnile’s products are natural products with the groundbreaking crocodile oil, which is gently extracted from the bottom of the precious crocodile skin.
Jewelnile’s products do not contain any Parabens, PEG’s or other synthetic/chemical substances.

We emphasize that the products contain only those oils that are produced in sustainable ways and contain important oils that make your skin smoother, softer and make you look younger.

The Crocodile and the oil

The Crocodile is not an endangered species. It is being bred on farms primarily in Africa, where this type of farming is an important source for export goods for many developing countries on the African continent.

The farmers sell the crocodile’s skin primarily to the fashion industry from which bags, shoes and belts can be made. Some crocodiles are also being sold to restaurants all around the world and the crocodile tail is considered a great delicacy.

Until a few years ago, the crocodile’s valuable fat was thrown away or used as oil in lamps. But after we discovered the amazing effects that crocodile oil can produce, we started buying the oil and now produce our high quality products for you and your skin.



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