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nesting material in ball 2-pack
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Ceramic bird bath 550 ml

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Milk substitute 100 g for small mammals

 Milk substitute 100 g for small mammals
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Milk creme made on natural goat's milk for puppies kitten and small mammals like squirrel, hedgehog, guinea pig, rabbit, ferret, rats and mice.
Contains mainly milk powder from goats. Goat's milk is naturally better for puppies than cow's milk.
It is easier to digest and, in practice, corresponds to milk in its composition of amino acids and fatty acids.

Milk Benefits:
Can be given with bottle from birth or on barrels from 4-5 weeks of age.
When the puppy is one month old, the milk can be mixed with beef in combination with dry food to avoid diarrhea.

Always use clean tools!
Mix the powder with lukewarm water (40-50 ° C) while stirring. Allow the milk to cool to ± 38 ° C.
Recommended daily intake of milk for a puppy depends on the weight of the puppy. The standard amount you can use is 15 ml per 100 grams body weight per day.
Use the following proportions to make a correct blend: 1 tablespoon (± 7.5 gr) Farm Food No-1 along with 25 ml of water, ie. 300 grams of powder per liter.
For example, a puppy weighing 300 grams needs about 3 x 15 = 45 ml of milk each day.

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