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Insect Feeding 200 g Orlux

 Insect Feeding 200 g Orlux
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Orlux Insect Patee is a complete feed for all insectivorous birds. There is also a supplementary feeds for tropical and native birds, small and large parakeets, parrots and loris. The lining is rich in animal proteins and dried insects, ant eggs, Mexican larvae. At least 25% insects. Thanks to its high content dried insects, the lining is perfect for the finches in the breeding season.

Use: Give feed throughout the year without any restrictions. You may need to put the live feed. Change daily.

Crude protein 22%
Crude fat 17%
Crude fat 11%
Crude Fiber 3.5%
Calcium 1.26%
Phosphorus 0.65%
Lysine 1.02%
Methionine 0.52%
Threonine 0.78%
Tryptophan 0.21%
Vitamin A 6.500IE / kg
Vitamin D3 1.400IE / kg
Vitamin E 80 mg / kg
Vitamin K 2,7mg / kg
Vitamin B1 6,5mg / kg
Vitamin B2 14,5mg / kg
Vitamin B3 18mg / kg
Vitamin B6 5,4mg / kg
Vitamin B12 0,03mg / kg
Vitamin C 48mg / kg
Vitamin PP 3mg / kg
Vitamin H 0,24mg / kg
Copper (II) sulfate
pentrahydrat / copper 15 mg / kg
Folic acid 1,35mg / kg
Choline chloride 630mg / kg
Cystine 0.33%
Beta carotene 3,65mg / kg

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