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Standardt Aptit, 200g

 Standardt Aptit, 200g
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Standardt appetite for dogs and cats are picky / fussy eater or for those periods have a poor appetite. Contains blood meal which changes the taste and smell of the regular diet. It can bring a food cravings for those with poor appetite or for the discerning who want a change. Also contains brewer's yeast are natural B vitamins that can give a natural effect of increased appetite.


If you cook their own food, be sure to mix in Standardt APPETITE only when the food has cooled. High temperatures can break down / injury nutrient levels, for example. vitamins. Can also be used together with a complete feed (dry, wet or fresh food).

Standardt APPETITE is a Swedish Produced supplements. Made entirely of raw materials are checked / approved according to Swedish standards, rules and laws. Standardt APPETITE is registered and approved by the Board of Agriculture.

The content can contribute to:

better appetite
improved palatability
More interesting odors of blood
 Table of Contents
Blood meal (dried hemoglobin), Brewer's yeast
Dog Weight
Dosage 0-5kg 0.5 tsp
5-10kg 1 tsp
10-20kg 2 tsp
20-30kg 1 tbsp
30-40kg 1.3 tbsp
40-50kg 1.6 tbsp
50-> kg + 2 tablespoons
Cat Weight Dosage
0-2,5kg 0.5 tsp
2,5-5kg 1 tsp
5-10kg 1.5 tsp
1 tsp = 2.5 g

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