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Snugglesafe, heat pad 22 cm

 Snugglesafe, heat pad 22 cm
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Quickly and easily heated in a conventional microwave oven - cozy heat pad for dogs, cats and small animals, keeps your pet warm for up to 10 hours. Recommended by vets.

Heating pad SnuggleSafe recommended and used by veterinarians, breeders, animal rescue, animal shelters, and worldwide! Not only to provide pet a cozy and warm place to lie down, but also for the care of sick pets or for newborns.

The pad is handy heatable in a microwave. Fast, safe, no dangerous power cable and bit and and scratch resistant.

Heating pad, covered with a soft fleece cover, keep the pet warm for up to 10 hours: at home, at exhibitions, the vet, and while traveling (it is also perfect for crates and kennels). SnuggleSafe especially recommended for anxious or sensitive pets as it has a therapeutic effect and helps to reduce stress.

Product characteristics at a glance:

Heats up quickly and easily in the microwave.
Keeps the heat for up to 10 hours.
No filling of water needed.
Absolutely safe and non-toxic: no cables needed and it is bitresistent.
Fleece cover is included.
Particularly well suited for newborns, the elderly, sick or nursing pets.
Recommended by vets.

Preheat SnuggleSafe heating pad in the microwave. After just a few minutes' heating pad can stay warm for up to 10 hours. Suitable for microwave ovens with a capacity of between 600 - 1400 watts. Heating time will vary depending on micron capacity.

The heating pad is made from non-toxic materials. It can not but concern placed in your pet's bed or transport box. Your pets will love this pad!

 Snugglesafe, heat pad 22 cm
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