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Nekton-E Evitamin 35g

 Nekton-E Evitamin 35g
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NEKTON-E is a supplementary feed consisting of the biologically effective and lasting vitamin E component α-tocopherol.
NEKTON-E helps protect the cell membrane, decontaminates metabolites, hormone production and muscle functions. NEKTON-E improves first and foremost animal fertility, survival of embryos and the vitality of young people. NEKTON-E also promotes the whole cell metabolism, the production of antibodies, increased defense and a positive effect on the body's immune status. NEKTON-E complements the minimum content of vitamin E in feed and covers animal needs with these nutrients that are so important to the body. NEKTON-E is soluble in water and is given daily in the drinking water or mixed in soft feed. Excellent in combination with NEKTON-S and NEKTON-MSA.
NEKTON-E has a positive effect on the entire cell metabolism, the production of antibodies, immunity and defense. NEKTON-E protects the cell membrane and preserves the vitality of the cells in the body tissue. It decontaminates harmful substances that attack cell metabolism, are involved in cell respiration and play an important role in energy metabolism. Stress caused by heat, cold etc as well as internal parasites and infectious diseases requires a greater supply of vitamin E. Vitamin E is also extremely important for building up hormones and lack of it can cause fertility, sex drive and hatching. Vitamin E deficiency, especially the muscles (white muscle disease), cardiac function and health of the brain, liver, glands, blood vessels and offspring.
NEKTON-E should be given at least three weeks before reproduction. Note that in the case of birds, NEKTON-E should be discontinued as soon as the first egg is laid and the female is laying on the egg. This can cause disturbances in the roughening of an operation of the male that is too strong.
After completion of treatment, continue the daily vitamin supplement with NEKTON-S and NEKTON-MSA.
A green gauge is attached to each bottle of NEKTON-E. 1 g corresponds to one measure.
Feeding Recommendations:
Birds: 1 g NEKTON-E in 250 ml of drinking water or 100 g of soft feed.
To be used as a cure that starts at least three weeks before reproduction and ends as soon as the first egg is placed.
Reptiles: 0.5 g NEKTON-E daily per kg body weight, a cure of about 14 days.
A stretched measure (supplied) corresponds to 1 g NEKTON-E.
Recommendation: Disinfect water bowls and feed containers every day with NEKTON-Deis-Plus to ensure a hygienic and clean feed!
Contains 2 amino acids.
Composition: dextrose, silicic acid.
Nutritional additions per kg: 50,000 mg vitamin E.

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