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 Swing parrot 36x39 cm
Swing parrot 36x39 cm
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Cat door magnetic Staywell 932 with expander

 Cat door magnetic Staywell 932 with expander
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Stay Wells cat and dog doors provide freedom and security to both you and your animal. The animals can come and go as they please, without bothering you. They can get into the safety of the home if there is bad weather or to avoid the dangers, and they can go out to do their needs or play. No more claw marks on the door or other accidents and no disturbed sleep.
Whether you have a large dog or small cat, looking for a gap in a window, door or even a stone wall, there is a Staywell that fits. They come in different sizes and security combinations, from a simple mechanical lock to an electronically controlled shutter.
Magnetic key in the necklace are unfamiliar cats out
4 different locking possibilities: just in, just out, open and locked.
Suitable for cats up to 7 kg
Size: 224 mm x 224 mm
Size of the hole cut in the door: 169 mm x 169 mm
Size of the hole cut in the glass: 210 mm diameter
Max width on the cat's back: 162 mm

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