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Standardt Mage 150 g

 Standardt Mage 150 g
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Standardt MAGE is a dietary supplement that helps increase good digestion and balance the abdominal / intestinal function from the stomach to the colon in susceptible dogs and cats. Standardt MAGE provides nutrients which stimulate the production of natural bacteria, prebiotics, and provides an increased nutrient uptake (metabolism) in the intestine.
Imbalance in the gut may appear as diarrhea, gas and a noisy stomach upset. When the stools are yellowish loose, loose brown and slimy's intestinal flora imbalance and if the dog or cat has gas, stomach is noisy, rumbling and sounds are usually the natural intestinal flora disturbed.

Standardt neutralizes stomach and absorbs excess gastric juice using rice starch (prebiotics) in the stomach and intestinal imbalance. The fermented yeast increases the degradation of fat and provides an increased uptake of other nutrients introduced into the diet.

The causes of gastro-intestinal disorders may be due to diet-related causes. Wrong nutrition or that there is not enough (fast carbohydrates and too little meat) in food for your dog or cat's current needs, the individual becomes faster hungry. Even matreducering because of dieting and when the food is too heavy can cause stomach and intestinal problems. When dieting is a risk that the dog / cat gets hungry and then produced gastric juice / hydrochloric acid they need to do away with. The dog's stomach becomes unnecessary when the acidic stomach has nothing to process and get it then does food affect the gut when gastric juice is lost that way. When the food is too strong can not stand the stomach to process the diet without being sent out of the digestive tract to some extent unprocessed with diarrhea as a result.

NOTE! When prolonged / recurrent problem, contact an expert.


The composition can help to:

Support the stomach and intestinal flora stabilization

Stomach / intestinal problems can contribute to:

Upset stomach
 Table Of Contents
Rice starch, Blood meal (dried hemoglobin), Fermented nutritional yeast, potato fiber
Weight of dog Dosage / day
0-10 kg 0.5 tsp
10-20 kg 1 tsp
20-30 kg 1.5 tsp
30+ kg 2+ tsp
Cat's weight Dosage / day
0-5 kg ​​0.5 tsp
5+ kg 1 tsp
1 teaspoon = approximately 2.12 g.Doseringen should be distributed over the day all targets. Should be phased in with +1/4 dose every week until the full application rate is reached.
 More info
Label Standardt
Country of Sweden
Usage Sensitive Stomach
Form Powder
Crude protein (%) 26.90
Ash (%) 3.00
Crude fiber (%) 7.90

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