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Standardt Calcium PLUS

 Standardt Calcium PLUS
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Standardt Calcium PLUS is a natural calcium supplement for dogs and cats. Standardt LIME PLUS is a dietary supplement with vitamin D-free protein. Can be used for self-cooking or together with a complete feed. To cook their own food and using raw materials containing phosphorus (eg. Meat, fish, cereals, potatoes), it is extremely important to supply calcium in the composition. This is to maintain a proper balance between calcium and phosphorus. It can be used with complete feed suspicion that there is not enough calcium to meet requirements. Situations where this can occur is during growth, pregnancy and lactation. This increases the need for calcium and may be advantageous to supply extra to prevent complications and diet-related problems. Lime provides the right balance of the lining of the stomach and intestines. Lime can help reduce the risk of bone / joint disorders and regulate body pH-value (acid / base levels). Important component of cell structure, hormone-regulating PTH, blood clotting, insulin production and regulating heart rhythm. Lime also helps transmit nerve impulses to muscles and helps to increase blood flow in the muscle tissues.

Standardt LIME PLUS is not chemically treated, why can not a lime surplus is absorbed by the body's mucous membranes without passed out with the faeces.


Excellent for those who prepare their own meals. Be sure to mix in Standardt LIME PLUS only when the food has cooled, high temperatures can break down / injury nutrient levels / raw materials. Can also be used together with a complete feed.

Standardt LIME PLUS is a Svenskutvecklad- / manufactured product, registered and approved by the Board of Agriculture. Contains only ingredients that are tested and approved according to Swedish standards, rules and laws.

Vitamins & minerals / trace elements can help to:

Basic properties
bone / cartilage structure
stabilize the hormones
the formation of new cells
Nutrition-related problems can help:

Hormonal Disorders
increased bone fragility
Acidity in the body
growing pains
 Table Of Contents
Calcium carbonate (99.9%), Vitamin D3
Weight of dog Dosage / day
0-5 kg ​​0.5 tsp
5-10 kg 1.5 tsp
10-20 kg 2 tsp
20-30 kg 1 tbsp
30-40 kg 1.3 tablespoons
40-50 kg 1.6 tablespoons
50+ kg 2+ tbsp
Cat's weight Dosage / day
0-2.5 kg 0.5 tsp
2.5-5 kg ​​1 tsp
5+ kg 1.5 tsp
1 teaspoon = approximately 4.85 g.Doseringen should be distributed over today's all mål.Bör phased in with +1/4 dose every week until the full application rate is reached.
 More info
Label Standardt
Country of Sweden
Use Vitamin
Form Powder
Ash (%) 99.90
Calcium (%) 60.00
Vitamin D (IU / kg) 400.00

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