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Green lipped mussel 25 g

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Who should you give Green Lipped Mussel to?

for smaller dogs and cats who want to remain agile and mobile
for smaller dogs and cats that are starting to become stiff, sore or overexerted
tasty powder adapted for smaller dogs and cats better
based on a natural ingredient – the unique green-lipped mussel in which the mussel oil has been preserved
Why should you give Green Lipped Mussel?

natural, proven ingredient of the highest quality
manufactured in Sweden
clinically tested and well-documented ingredients
high absorption capacity (bioavailability)
adapted for smaller dogs and cats - powder that is easily sprinkled on their food
thanks to the green-lipped mussel it contains natural fatty acids and natural glucosamine, (GAG's)
The good taste means that the powder can be sprinkled on the food of the dog or cat that has lost its appetite
has a taste guarantee
developed together with veterinarians, leg dog physiotherapists, dog masseurs, experts in nutrition.

Green-lipped mussel with mussel oil (Omega-3).

Content in mg/1 measure of spice (krm):

Green-lipped mussel 446 mg
- Of which total omega-3 16.1 mg
– Of which glycosaminoglycans (GAG) 14 mg

Composition: Freeze-dried powder of green-lipped mussel (mollusk), polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids 3.6%, glycosaminoglycans 3.1%. Analytical constituents: Crude ash 14%, crude protein 53%, crude oil/fat 9%, carbohydrates 24%. Storage: Dry at room temperature.

Green Lipped Mussel is given as a supplement to the dog's daily feed.

Powder that is easily sprinkled on food. Has a taste guarantee!

Small < 5 kg Medium < 5 kg
0.5-1 KRM/day 1-2 KRM/day
For the first 2-4 weeks, the dose can be doubled, or if necessary.

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