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K9 Nano Mist, Spray Conditioner 250ml

 K9 Nano Mist, Spray Conditioner 250ml
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K9 COMPETITION NANO MIST is a "leave-in" - conditioner with quick Antistatic and powerful investigative power. Spray on dry or damp hair to facilitate and protect the brushing. Spray extra on tangles and massaging the investigation. The spray is soft, caring and giving hair strength, natural glow and increased moisture balance - with long lasting effects.

K9 COMPETITION NANO MIST allows extra light coat brushed and gives great volume. It prevents tangles and wear and is time saving.

K9 COMPETITION NANO MIST suit all hair types and animals. The extremely small nano liposomes penetrate the scales on the hair shaft and adds the extra top-finish sought - especially to show

Active principles:

Aloe Vera (100% pure, certified) 
Is rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes. 
Called the "Miracle Plant". 
E roperties: 
• Anti-bacterial 
• Anti-fungal 
• Anti-inflammatory 
• Anti-oxidant 
• Reduces redness 
• Prevents itching 
• Prevents dry skin 
• Prevents dry hair 
• Coat Nourishing 
• Skincare 
• Humidity sensor 
• Natural shine 
• Calming effect on irritated skin 
• Healing effect on wounds

D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
Is skin and coat important "designer." 
This low molecular weight makes it 
rejuvenates the skin and hair follicle. 
E roperties: 
• Moisture Balancing 
• Strengthens the hair from root to tip 
• Strengthens the skin 
• Prevents eczema 
• Prevents itchy 
• Prevents skin peeling 
• Prevents brittle hair 
• Gives natural color and luster 
• Gives fullness 
• Prevents hair loss 
• Prevents wear 
• Provides natural skin and coat quality 
• Prevents graying 
hair • Make quick drying 
• Facilitates brushing 
• Repairs damaged and worn fur

Wheat protein
E roperties: 
• Closes the hair 
• Protects against free radicals 
• Strengthens fjällskiket 
• Provides healthy coat and skin 
• Strengthens the natural color and 
the color of the coat 
• Softens the skin 
• Revitalizing 
• Extremely moisturizing 
• Conditioning with sustained efficacy

have a decisive effect on the final result 
and the top finish by the extremely small 
molecules that treat the hair in 

Above active ingredients working together,
have the research on humans,
have a synergistic effect for optimal hair
and skin.

The carefully tested formula gives 
the lovely skin and fur quality that we 
strive - for competition and everyday life. Other 
commodities also come from 
the plant kingdom, are biodegradable and do 
K9 COMPETITION a wise choice for the environment.

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