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Ledsupp vet 310g

 Ledsupp vet 310g
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Swedish Animal Pharmacy's Joint Support VET is a powerful joint supplement for animals with osteoarthritis, stiffness or joint problems. Advantageously used as a supplement in connection with rehabilitation after surgery. Can promote recovery in connection with damage to the locomotive, eg. Cross-band injury, tendon injuries and various fractures, can counteract stiffness in connection with osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, patellar luxation, hernias and L7 / S1 syndrome

LedSupport VET contributes to the animal's joint health in the long term and promotes the health of the joints, promotes the cartilage for moving and smoother joints.

Svenska DjurPotekets Ledupport VET contains a carefully balanced combination of some of the market's most proven supplements for joint problems. The active substances can contribute to increased mobility. It also increases the body's ability to regenerate cartilage, tendons, connective tissue and muscles.

Warning text: For dogs with sensitive stomachs we recommend starting with a low dose and slowly increasing up, this does not work so we recommend that you try Hyaluron + instead which is gentler on a sensitive stomach. Warning text: If your dog is allergic to seafood then this product is not recommended.


INGREDIENTS: Glucosamine sulphate 2kcl, Methylsulphonylmethane, Freeze-dried powder from Green-leaved mussel, Chondroitin sulphate, Hydrolyzed collagen type II, Calcium acorbate (Vitamin C), Hyaluronic acid.

Karen's 28 days due to the content of Hyaluron according to SKK doping regulations.

Declaration per dose size of 1.3 g: (1.8ml)

Glucosamine 400 mg
MSM 400 mg
Green-leaved mussel 250 mg
Chondroitin 100 mg
Collagen type II 100 mg
Vitamin-C 35 mg
Hyaluron 15 mg

Mix in the food once a day
Dosage measures included in the package Sufficient approx.
                                                                 140 g 310 g
Cat / Small dog up to 10 kg 1 dose measure 107 days 238 days
Dogs between 10-20 kg 2 dose measures     54 days 119 days
Dogs between 20-30 kg 3 dosage measures  36 days 80 days
Dogs over 30 kg 4 dosage measures             27 days 60 days

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