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Standardt Blood meal

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Supplements for Dogs at pregnancy, muscle building and flavor enhancers. 300 g

Standardt blood meal is a natural product and contains natural minerals such as iron. Blood meal also contains other substances that are important to the life process, such as selenium, zinc, copper and magnesium.
Recommended for juveniles, pregnant and those who exercise a lot to build up muscle mass. Blood meal stimulates the formation of red blood cells and is an important part of maintenance of the body's natural defenses. It also contributes to increased oxygenation which stimulates the growth of muscles that increases the animal's strength and conditioning. Blood Powder can also provide a stronger, thicker and shinier coat.

For tracking training: Mix about 1 tbsp Standardt blood meal + approx 1 cup water


Vitamins & minerals / trace elements can help to:

General Fitness
the body's natural defenses
stimulate growth
important part of the red blood cell production
Nutrition-related problems can help:

no force / fatigue
iron deficiency
pale mucous membranes

Blood meal (hemoglobin 100%)



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