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Rose hip powder 500 g


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Swedish Animals Apoteket Rosehip Powder is a supplement that can give your dog more energy. Rose hips are rich in antioxidants that help the animal's body to defend against the free radicals that break down cells and accelerates their aging. Rosehip strengthens your dog's immune system, in addition, Rosehip rich in vitamin C. Rosehip helps mobile and flexible joints in dogs and cats.

Plant location is critical to nyponpulvrets quality. Our rosehip has grown to several thousand meters of altitude, in the pure nature of Chile's wild hillsides. Hips in this severe environment is full of beneficial substances, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

In order to get as good an effect as possible on your pet, you can combine Rosehip with Swedish Apoteket Animals lipped mussel and MSM.

Ingredients: Rosehip powder from Chile. (98% scale)

Declaration per measuring cup of 3 g (5 ml) Declaration 2 per measuring cup (large dog)

Rosehip powder 3 g Rosehip powder 6 g


Rose hip powder
Mixed in the food once / day.
Dosage Measures included in the package enough about:
500 g
Cats and small dogs up to 15 kg 1 measuring cup / day 166 days
Dogs between 15-30 kg 1 1/2 measuring cup / day 111 days
Dogs 30 kg + 2 measuring cup / day, 83 days

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