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Vitamin C



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Promotes immune system's normal function and protect body cells

Swedish Animals Apoteket vitamin C calcium ascorbate, which is gentle on the stomach. Vitamin C has a variety of functions including the immune system's normal functioning and as antioxidants protect against damaging free radicals that constantly formed during metabolism. Vitamin C also promotes collagen formation of cartilage and benstommens normal function.

Ingredients: Calcium ascorbate.

Declaration per dose measurement A 1 g (1 ml) Declaration per measuring cup 4 3.6 g (for large dogs)

Vitamin C 900 mg                                        Vitamin C 3.6 g


Cat / small dog up to 10 kg: 1/2 measuring cup.

Dogs 10-20 kg: 1 measuring cup.

Dogs 20-30 kg: 1 1/2 measuring cup.

Dogs 30-40 kg: 2 measuring cup.

Dog 40+ kg: 2 ½ measuring cup


The vitamins are mixed in the food once a day.

Measuring cup included in the box.

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