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Animacare, Omega skin

 Animacare, Omega skin
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AnimaCare Omega Skin, 150 ml

Omega Skin from AnimaCare - for your dog's or cat's sensitive and problematic skin!
With a daily intake maintained the dog or cat's skin healthy and fresh!

Dogs and cats suffer too often from skin problems. Many of these may be that your animal has been difficult to absorb adequate amounts of essential fatty acids through their normal feed. It may be appropriate to add these in a form that is easier for the dog or cat to pick up. Common signs of skin problems are:

• Dry and scaly skin
• dull coat
• Itching
When itching occurs, it is easy that your pet by itchy further irritate the skin and a circle of skin irritation and itching are created.

Research shows that a daily supplement of essential fatty acids are useful for most dogs and cats with problematic skin. Omega Skin from AnimaCare contains a good balance of fatty acids:

• Omega-3
• Omega-6
• 7 Omega
• omega-9
These fatty acids are very important for the dog and the cat's skin and considerably easier to assimilate than "normal" fatty acids. Omega Skin also contains a natural sardine.

The polyunsaturated fatty acids and stable in Omega Skin is beneficial for many of the skin and cellular functions. They strengthen and balance your pet's natural skin barrier and thus increases the skin's ability to bind moisture. The dog's or cat's skin thus becomes more prosperous and resilient.

The oil is of herbal quality and absolute top marks in the purity and stability. Production takes place under GMP standard in natural conditions, that does not harm the oil and under extremely tight control, even in terms of environmental impact.

1-2 ml per 10 kg body weight per day. Since fatty acid depots in the body needs time to refill, it may take up to two months before you see any difference. All animals react individually, therefore you may need to double the dose to start with. When desired results are achieved, the dose may often be halved.

Contents: Natural, stable fish oil from wild-caught sardines (70%), Rape (20%) and Evening Primrose Oil (10%). 5 ml containing 4.6 grams of oil distributed on 31% omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA 13%, 8% of DHA, DPA, 1.3% and 8% other omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 (15%) Omega-7 (18%) and omega-9 (21%).
Additives: Vitamin E 0.4%, AscorbylPalmi-tate0, 03%, Rosemary Oil 0.3% Lecithin 0.07%.

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