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Tickcollar, cat "Petwise"

 Tickcollar, cat "Petwise"
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For neck size <35cm
*In the biting insects
*Reduces the risk of tick bites

Effective ingredient: PMD-oil (p-Movement Male 3.8-diol) found in the leaves of Eucalyptus Citriodraträdet. This oil is called essential oil of lemon eucalyptus. This natural oil is used and recommended for the rejection of ticks and biting insects.

Active long period of
The active ingredient in Petwise Tick Collar has a sweet citrus scent. By rubbing it, or that the dog / cat only to move, reactivated the necklace every day and a repelling zone created around the dog / cat. As long necklace smells, so it works as intended.

Numerous scientific papers have shown in surveys that the active substance in Petwise Tick Collar reduces the risk of being bitten by ticks and other insects. This well-known and active oil - essential oil of lemon eucalyptus - used and recommended today in many products for both animals and humans to reject insects.

statement Petwise
Petwise is not expected to pose a health risk to adults or children when handled as directed. This assessment is made after a risk assessment of Petwise made ​​in accordance with accepted principles.

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