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 Multivitamin Prime, 30 g, 14 vitamins and 9 minerals
Multivitamin Prime, 30 g, 14 vitamins and 9 minerals
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Standardt C-Vita Plus 150g

 Standardt C-Vita Plus 150g
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Standardt C-VITA PLUS contains eg calcium ascorbate (syraneutraliserat vitamin C) and silicon. Both key ingredients in the production of connective tissue (collagen), bone, skin, blood vessels and teeth. At skeletal injuries (OA) has connective tissue exposed to inflammation (arthritis), high stress and may need a little extra help of extra nutrition. Connective tissue is a tough, protective film around the skeleton and all internal organs. They can also help to stimulate production and improve quality of collagen. Also contains Vitamin E and Selenium which increases the blood flow in muskelaturen.


Vitamins & minerals / trace elements can help to:

The lime / phosphorus turnover
collagen production
muscle tissue
bindväv- / bone formation
blood flow in the muscles stimulated
Nutrition-related problems can help:

Muscular atrophy
stiffness in muscles
stiffness in the joints
growth disorders
growing pains
calculus formation
 Table Of Contents
Calcium ascorbate (C), silicon, tocopherol (E).
Weight of dog Dosage / day
0-10 kg 0.5 pinches
10-20 kg 1 pinch
20-30 kg 2 pinches
30+ kg 3 pinches
Cat's weight Dosage / day
0-5 kg ​​0.25 pinches
2.5-7.5 kg 0.5 pinches
1 pinch = about 0.85 g.
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Label Standardt
Country of Sweden
Vitamin E (mg / kg) 16 500.00

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