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 Core turkey and goat, soft food for dogs 400g
Core turkey and goat, soft food for dogs 400g
 Core beef and broccoli soft food for dogs 400g
Core beef and broccoli soft food for dogs 400g
 Core chicken and duck, soft food for dogs 400g
Core chicken and duck, soft food for dogs 400g
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Standardt Cooking

 Standardt Cooking
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Standardt COOK is a complete vitamin and mineral supplement for self cooking for dogs and cats. It should be easy to cook their own food and nutritional supplement cook is to achieve an adequate diet with vitamins and minerals.

Can also be used together with the complete feed (dry, wet or fresh food), but see the first of the feed nutrient content of the possible reduction of dosage.

If you cook your own food it may need to be added vitamins and minerals to food should be nutritionally complete. Whether one only gives meat or mix meat and veg may require supplementation with the right balance of vitamins and minerals so as not to nutritional deficiencies occur. Calcium and phosphorus balance is very important to prevent decalcification that can cause bone and joint problems.

Although the balance of the body's acid / base can be disturbed which could result in such mushrooms, stomach disorders and hormonal disorders. Meat and some vegetables contain phosphorus, but basically no lime. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements enhances nutrition for the growing, adults and active animal. Immune function, growth and activity compete for the nutrients that the young animal gets through diet during the first three years.

Proper nutrition and energy gives the animal the opportunity to grow, activated and above all stay healthy. The nutrients contributes to the body is well prepared for internal and external influences in important processes such as the formation of T and B cells of the immune system, muscle function and reduce physical recovery. This continues throughout life.

Be sure to mix in Standardt cook until the food has cooled, high temperatures can break down / injury nutrient levels / raw materials.

Standardt cook is a Svenskutvecklad- / manufactured product, registered and approved by the Board of Agriculture. Contains only ingredients that are tested and approved according to Swedish standards, rules and laws.

 Table Of Contents
Calcium carbonate, nutritional yeast, kolstrum
Weight of dog Dosage / day
0-5 kg ​​1 teaspoon
5-10 kg 2 tsp
10-20 kg 1.25 tablespoons
20-30 kg 1.5 tablespoons
30-40 kg 2 tbsp
40-50 kg 2.5 tablespoons
50-60 kg 3 tbsp
60+ kg 3.5 tablespoons
Cat's weight Dosage / day
0-2.5 kg 3 pinches
2.5-5 kg ​​5 pinches
5-7.5 kg 7 pinches
1 teaspoon = approx 4.4 g.
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Label Standardt
Country of Sweden
Use mineral supplements, Vitamin supplements
Form Powder
Crude protein (%) 6.10
Ash (%) 68.00
Crude fiber (%) 2.30
Phosphorus (%) 0.28
Vitamin A (IU / kg) 1100 000.00
Vitamin D (IU / kg) 55 000.00
Vitamin E (mg / kg) 660.00
Copper (mg / kg) 95.00
Iron (mg / kg) 2 100.00
Selenium (mg / kg) 3.00

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