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Standardt joints health tablets

 Standardt joints health tablets
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Supplements for dogs and cats, strengthens joints health.
Standardt LED & cartilage contains more than 12 active nutrients, a wide supplementation with blah glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, curcumin, etc. Standardt LED & Cartilage is a food additive that can help the dog / cat can retain its natural movement and activity level for joint / skeletal problems. It has long been one of Sweden's most proven supplement that contains glucosamine.

In case of damage, such as lameness, stiffness and inflammation in joints and muscles can Standardt LED & CARTILAGE be the alternative to a symptom-free life. Glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, Manganese, kalciumcarbonat, silicon, folic acid and vitamin D are all building blocks that can help to repair, creation and strengthening cartilage / bone formation.
Together with vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, ginger and curcumin (natural cortisone) helps them to protect against harmful free radicals in joint / cartilage tissue inflammation induces.


For those who prepare their own meals should be careful to mix in Standardt LED CARTILAGE only when the food has cooled. High temperatures can break down / injury nutrient levels / raw materials.

Can also be used together with a complete feed.

Standardt LED Cartilage is a Svenskutvecklad- / manufactured product, registered and approved by the Board of Agriculture. Contains only ingredients that are tested and approved according to Swedish standards, rules and laws.


As the product contains glucosamine should not be administered preventively to growing healthy individuals or pregnant / lactating.


Vitamins & minerals / trace elements can help to:

The management cartilage formation
bone and cartilage formation

Nutrition-related problems can help:

increased bone fragility
growth disorders
Table Of Contents
Glucosaminesulfat (350 000mg / kg), MSM (230 000mg / kg), kondriotinsulfat (147 100mg / kg), bone meal, calcium ascorbate (C) mangancarbonat, ginger extract, curcumaextrakt, selenium, folic acid (B9), cholecalciferol (D3).
Weight of dog Dosage / day
0-5 kg ​​0.5 tablets
5-10 kg 1 tabl
10-15 kg 1.5 tablets
15-20 kg 2 tablets
20-25 kg 2.5 tablets
25-30 kg 3 tablets
30-40 kg 4 tablets
40-50 kg 5 tablets
50+ kg 6 tablets
Cat's weight Dosage / day
0-2.5 kg 0.25 tabl
2.5-5 kg ​​0.5 tablets
5-7.5 kg 0.75 tabl
7,5+ kg 1 tabl
The dosage should be distributed over the day all targets. Should be phased in with +1/4 dose every week until the full application rate is reached.
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Label Standardt
Country of Sweden
Usage Leads & movement
Tablet Shape
Crude protein (%) 0.01
Crude fat (%) 2.40
Ash (%) 38.60
Crude fiber (%) 25.40
Water (%) 27.60
Calcium (%) 10.10
Phosphorus (%) 1.80
Vitamin D (IU / kg) 59.00
Vitamin E (mg / kg) 14 700.00
Selenium (mg / kg) 4 400.00

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