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All-purpose cleaner biologically

 All-purpose cleaner biologically
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NATURALLY CLEAN Biological All-purpose cleaner with detergent & microorganisms.

The microorganisms find and break down organic dirt.
The detergent cleans all inorganic dirt.
Ideal for all hard surface cleaning especially for animals,
but who do not know exactly where the smells come from.

Very well, diluted 1 + 400.
One 500 ml. bottle is mixed to make 200 liters of pre-mixed detergent.

• Works with 5 strains of microorganisms.
• Clean where else gives up even in depth in scratches and joints.
• Removes organic matter and stains.
• Allergen controlled.
• Harmless to the environment, people and animals.
• Can be sprayed on any hard surface that can withstand water.
• Made in Sweden.
• Very little.

Unique composition that ensures an extremely effective function when the product works with the whole
5 different strains of microorganisms and thus breaks down
all normally occurring organic materials that cause odors
e.g. urine, egg white, carbohydrates, proteins, cellulose and fatty substances.

Simply replace your regular detergent with Biological All-Purifier and get it
microorganisms on the entire floor / surface that break down the organic substances that cause the odors.
The microorganisms also get into scratches and joints and thus clean where they are
difficult / impossible to clean in any other way.

Result: clean and shiny surfaces with a pleasant allergen controlled scent.

Advantageously used with Biological Odor Cleaner:
Biological All-purpose cleaner for general cleaning of hard surfaces.
Biological Odor Cleaner where you know it has been marked by animals or there
an accident has occurred on both fabrics and hard surfaces.

Natural microorganisms and enzymes
Each strain of microorganisms is highly specialized and is designed to
break down a specific type of organic material.
Therefore, NATURALLY PURE Biological all-purpose cleaner becomes very effective when it is
contains 5 different strains. This ensures the breaking down of everyone normally
any organic matter that causes bad odor.
The microorganisms divide approximately every 20 minutes and therefore the process is complete
time faster and faster until all organic matter is degraded.

The microorganisms live off of the organic material by penetrating as
is made possible by the enzymes produced during reproduction. When not
anymore there is more organic material there is no more food for the microorganisms
and therefore they die after completing the job of removing the source of the bad
smell. That's exactly what happens around us all the time.

The difference is that we have chosen exactly the natural microorganisms that want to eat
the organic material we want to break down and get a residual product that is
carbon dioxide and water instead of it during the natural decomposition process
unpleasant odors are formed.

NATURALLY CLEAN Biological All-purpose cleaner must not be mixed with other chemicals
and drugs that can break down the microorganisms in the product.

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 All-purpose cleaner biologically
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