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Purina Pro Plan Cat wet Junior chicken

 Purina Pro Plan Cat wet Junior chicken
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Rich in Chicken, 85 g

Includes: Meat and animal derivatives (of which chicken 14%), fish and fish products, minerals, by-products of plant origin, sugar.

Recommended daily feeding amount (g / day):

The kitten's age (weeks) Amount (cans / day)
 6-12 1-3
 12-26 2-4
 26-52 4-2

PRO PLAN JUNIOR WET Should be served at room temperature, 2 meals per day or as needed.

Feeding The amount needed to maintain ideal body condition will vary depending on age, activity level and environment. Check your cat's weight and adjust the amount of food accordingly. Clean, fresh water should always be available.


Breast milk is the first perfect food for every kitten and is naturally rich in everything that that kittens need, especially those building blocks needed for its own immune system. Although they are not ready for a complete weaning until they are between six to eight weeks, starting most kittens taste so small on solid foods at three to four weeks of age. This is the best time to start giving specially formulated cat food, as well wet and dry. If you choose dry food, it must be mixed with water and mashed and served in a low bowl.

Do not be tempted to wean your kitten too early. Switching to solid food too soon can be detrimental to your kitten's immature digestive system. Weaning process will be less stressful if you wean the kitten with the feed mother eats during lactation. Start with one tablespoon five times a day and adjust depending on whether the leave anything in the bowl or if still hungry. Throughout the process, it will supplement their diet with milk.

The key to successful weaning is time and patience. Your goal should be to gradually remove the mother from her kittens in the feeding her natural instinct for support. This gradual weaning transition should be made so that the mother's breast milk is reduced and finally stopped altogether. At 10 to 12 weeks of age, the transition to solid foods be complete. During this period, you should then check your kittens intake and weight and contact your vet if the kittens are not gaining weight.

 Purina Pro Plan Cat wet Junior chicken
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