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Oxbow Young rabbit pellets, "Bunny Basics 15/23"

 Oxbow Young rabbit pellets, "Bunny Basics 15/23"
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Young rabbits need lots of fiber, while they need a balance of protein and amino acids for optimal growth and health.
Bunny Basics 15/23 contains alfalfa hay needed for optimal health. This pellets are also good for the animals that are getting old and losing weight, and animals who have lost weight due to illness.

Offer Bunny Basics 15/23 in combination with Oxbow grass hay for a nutritious and balanced diet for young and active rabbits. One can also offer BunnyBasics 15/23 to lactating and pregnant animals.

Main ingredients:
Alfalfa hay = fiber and protein
= Soya fiber, protein and healthy fat
Wheat = carbohydrate and energy
Feeding Directions: Growing, pregnant and lactating animals should have free access to pellets.

The nutrition according to analysis

Fibers my 22-25%
Protein min 15%
Fat min 2%
Calcium min 0.85%
Calcium 1% max
Phosphorus min 0.25%
Vitamin E IU / kg 140

Sold in 3 different sizes. 11.33 kg bag is taken in the order against prepayment.

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