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Oxbow Guinea pig pellets Adult, "Cavy Cuisine"

 Oxbow Guinea pig pellets Adult, "Cavy Cuisine"
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Cavy Cuisine is a timothy based pellet designed to meet the special needs of the adult guinea pig . The lower protein content helps protect the kidneys. The reduced energy density helps to prevent obesity. The higher fiber content stimulates bowel function .
Cavy Cuisine's optimal calcium phosphorus ratio helps to maintain the health of the urinary tract . Guinea pigs require daily supplementation of vitamin C . CavyCuisine includes stay- 35, a stabilized form of Vitamin C that last for six months. To be sure that your guinea pig is getting enough vitamin C , look at the chart below, if it eats enough Cavy Cuisine. If it eats less you have to supplement with more Vitamin C .

Main Ingedienser :
Timothy hay fibers =
= Soya fiber, protein and healthy fat
Wheat = carbohydrate and energy

Feeding Instructions : Guinea pigs over six months should eat 1/3 cup of pellets per day.
The nutrition according to analysis
Fibers min 25-28 %
Protein min 14 %
Fat min 1.5%
Calcium min 0.35%
Calcium max 0.8%
Phosphorus min 0.25%
Vitamin E IU / KG 140
Vitamin C IU / KG 400

 Sold in 3 different sizes. 11.33 kg bag is taken in the order against prepayment.

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