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Orijen Cat and Kitten 2,27 kg

 Orijen Cat and Kitten 2,27 kg
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Larger packaging can be bought in the shop in Kungälv.

MADE OF free range chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and ride laid eggs

All cats Racial PREDATORS AND DEVELOPED BY NATURE to eat a diet rich in FRESH whole meat and a smaller amount of fruit, vegetables and herbs.

That is why Biologically Correct ™ ORIJEN CAT & KITTEN contains free-range chicken, turkey and eggs from local farms and wild fish. The ingredients are delivered fresh to our own award-winning kitchen in Canada, daily.

Filled with 80% animal ingredients and 20% fruit, vegetables and herbs (low-glycemic carbohydrate sources) to reflect the cat's natural diet.

Orijen is manufactured by Canada's highest quality and freshest ingredients and gives your cat optimum nutrition and a great taste experience.

GENUINE local ingredients
Delivered fresh daily

We believe that pet owners WANT TO KNOW WHERE THEIR pet FEED come from. Why we focus on local ingredients which are raised or cultivated by people we know and trust.

We focus on ingredients that are sustainably raised or grown by local farmers. Our ingredients are approved as human food and delivered fresh to our own kitchen, every day. UNLESS OTHERWISE CAT FOOD CAN MATCH ORIJENS fresh local ingredients.

Fresh boneless chicken (20%), dehydrated chicken (15%), fresh chicken liver (4%), fresh whole herring (4%), fresh boneless turkey (4%), dried turkey (4%), fresh turkey liver (3% ), fresh whole eggs (3%), fresh boneless walleye (3%), fresh whole salmon (3%), fresh chicken heart (3%), chicken cartilage (3%), dried herring (3%), dried salmon (3 %), chicken liver oil (3%), chicken fat (2%), red lentils, green peas, green lentils, alfalfa, kelp, pumpkin, butternut squash, spinach, carrots, apples, pears, cranberries, chicory, dandelion root, chamomile, peppermint leaves, ginger, cumin, turmeric, rose hips, dried chicken liver, dried turkey liver, freeze dried chicken, dried turkey.

Per kg: Vitamin A: 15000 IU, Vitamin D3 2000 IU, E1 (Iron): 40 mg, E2 (Iodine): 3 mg, E4 (Copper): 13 mg, E5 (Manganese): 14 mg, E6 (Zinc ): 150 mg, E8 (Selenium): 0.3 mg, probiotics (Enterococcus faecium).


Your cat is a predator, meaning that it is designed as a carnivore, CUSTOM to eat a varied diet LASTING OF FRESH MEAT AND NOT carbohydrates and grains.

MEAT AND-protein
Biologically correct ™ ORIJEN contains 80% nutritious meat is delivered fresh daily to our kitchen. This is a reflection of the diet your cat evolved to eat.

ORIJEN contains 100% naturally taurine coming from our fresh fish and meat. We do not put artificially produced taurine.

Animal fat is essential for optimum health. Therefore, ORIJEN contains natural fat from fresh turkey, fish and eggs.

DHA and EPA from fresh fish
Fresh fish is an excellent source of DHA and EPA essential fatty acids that support the puppy's immune and nervous systems. These fatty acids are not available from vegetable sources such as linseed, coconut, and sunflower oil.

Low GI
Your cat's natural diet contains few carbohydrates. Therefore ORIJEN free from potato and contains less than half the amount of carbohydrates found in conventional cat food.

Glucosamine and chondroitin
ORIJENs fresh turkey, meat and fish are a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. We do not put artificially produced glucosamine and chondroitin in our products.


Crude protein (min.) 42%
Crude fat (min.) 20%
Crude fiber (max.) 3%
Water (max.) 10%
Calcium (min. / Max) 1.4%
Phosphorus (min. / Max) 1.1%
Omega-6 (min.) 3.5%
Omega-3 (min.) 1.2%
DHA (min.) 0.7%
EPA (min.) 0.4%
Taurine (min.) 0.25%
Magnesium (max.) 0.09%
pH 5
Ash (max.) 8%


Vitamin A 17 KIU / kg
Vitamin D3 3 KIU / kg
Vitamin E 1,010 IU / kg
Vitamin B12 00:17 mg / kg
Thiamine 31 mg / kg
Riboflavin 34 mg / kg
Niacin 230 mg / kg
Pantothenic acid (B5) 32 mg / kg
Pyridoxine (B6) 25 mg / kg
Folic acid 5.2 mg / kg
Choline to 2450 mg / kg


Sodium 0.4%
Chloride 0.6%
Potassium 0.9%
Magnesium 0.09%
Manganese 17 mg / kg
Selenium 1.0 mg / kg
iron 230 mg / kg
Zinc 180 mg / kg
Copper 20 mg / kg
Iodine 2.4 mg / kg


Licorice root 500 mg / kg
Angelica root 350 mg / kg
Fenugreek 350 mg / kg
Marigold 350 mg / kg
Sweet fennel 350 mg / kg
Peppermint Leaf 300 mg / kg
Kamomilblomma 300 mg / kg
Dandelion 150 mg / kg
Summer Savory 150 mg / kg

There are three different sources of calories for your cat: protein, fat and carbohydrates. Protein and fat are essential, carbohydrates are not the.

The fact is that cats do not require carbohydrates in their diet. Fast carbohydrates from rice, barley and potato raises blood sugar and stored quickly in the body as fat and is a leading cause of obesity in cats.

By providing a larger amount of calories from protein and fat and fewer from carbohydrates reflects ORIJEN SIX FISH CAT cat or kitten's natural diet and reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes ..

ME (calculated metabolizable energy) ORIJEN CAT 6 KITTEN IS 4060 kcal / kg (487 kcal per 250ml) (120g). The calories come from 42% fat, 41% protein and 17% from fruits and vegetables.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. The same goes for your cat or kitten.

Biologically Correct ™ ORIJEN reflects the food that Mother Nature has in mind that all cats should eat, regardless of age and lifestyle. As important as our unique products are palatability. ORIJEN has a palatability that your cat will never forget! For us it is important that your cat appreciates their meal.

Your cat is just like we humans own unique individual and the amount of feed will vary depending on breed, environment, age and activity level. Therefore, we suggest that you follow our feeding recommendation and adjust the amount of feed required. Feeding your cat several times a day and give it always has access to fresh water.

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