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Twisted link stainless steel 4 mm

Twisted link black stainless steel 2,5 mm
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Memory Trainer 2.0, Nivå 3, 20x24 cm. Med USB-laddning

 Memory Trainer 2.0, Nivå 3, 20x24 cm. Med USB-laddning
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New updated product! Now with USB socket, 1.50 m cord. The battery cover can now be closed without screws. New separate remote control can be specially ordered separately with a new chip.
Note The batteries must be removed when using the USB socket.

Challenge your dog with Memory trainer! A fun and challenging game with multiple levels and opportunities.
All dogs have a need to work with something. By giving the dog good activation you can avoid developing problem behaviors. Mental training is at least as important as physical exercise.
- Level 3
- challenging games for professionals
- by pressing the remote control the dog gets the reward
- rotating container inside the feeder with an adjustable opening that releases the goodies
- increase the difficulty level by increasing the distance between the remote control and the feeder, in the end they can also be placed in different rooms
- plastic
- associated shutter release holder for increased stability
- the remote control can be attached with suction cup or with stick (outdoors)
- dimensions for filling up with goodies included
- range up to 40 m
- non-slip thanks to rubber feet
- battery powered (3 AAA micro batteries and 4 C batteries not included)
- Can be charged via USB socket.
- incl. booklet with tips and tricks to design optimal training
difficulty levels
Level 1: For beginners
Level 2: For experienced players
Level 3: For experienced players

 Memory Trainer 2.0, Nivå 3, 20x24 cm. Med USB-laddning
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