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 Ducktwister, different sizes
Ducktwister, different sizes

 dripper for reptile - wood imitation
dripper for reptile - wood imitation
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Ox late, dried swedish

 Ox late, dried swedish
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Dried beef tendon for dogs. A chewing usually last a little longer when it's done of late. Note that chew that is not made ​​of rawhide affect body weight in too large quantities.

Made from 100% beef.

Nutritional Analysis: Protein 61%, Crude Fat 16.2%, Ash 18%, Moisture 3.2%, Crude fiber 1.6%.

The tendon is sold throughout kilos, then we can not get the exact pounds when we weigh them can sum you pay slightly differ from the order confirmation. We try to get as close to regular pounds as we can.
Want a smaller amount, you order 1 kg and write a message on how much you want. The tendon is available in different sizes, choose the size according to the size of dog you have. The size refers to the bone that the tendon is attached.

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 Ox late, dried swedish
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