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Hyaluron +

 Hyaluron +
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Swedish Animals Apoteket Hyaluron + is a mix of valuable nutrients that prevent wear and tear on the joints and give your pet increased mobility. MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin are substances that the body needs to repair and rebuild cartilage, ligaments and cells. Hyaluron is found naturally in the ranks as synovial fluid to lubricate and shock absorber cartilage.

Hyaluron + is given as a preventive measure for active dogs and dogs that are becoming stiffer in the joints.


Ingredients: MSM (metylsulfonyltmetan), Glucosamine Sulfate 2kcl, Chondroitin sulfate, Hyaluronic acid


Declaration per 1 measuring cup á 1.2g (2ml): Declaration by 4 measuring cup 4.8g (large dog)

MSM 600mg MSM 2.4g
Glucosamine 550mg Glucosamine 2.2 g
Chondroitin 100mg Chondroitin 400mg
Hyaluronic acid 15mg hyaluronic acid 60 mg


Athlet 310g
Mixed in the food once / day.
Dosage Measures included in the package enough about:
140g 310g
Cats and small dogs up to 10 kg A measuring cup / day 112 days 248 days
Dogs between 10-20 kg Two measuring cup / day 56 days 124 days
Dogs between 20-30 kg Three measuring cup / day 37 days 82 days
 Dogs of 30-40 + kg Four measuring cup / day 28 days 62 days



Found naturally in the body; especially high concentrations in the joints, tendons and ligaments. Glucosamine stimulates regeneration of joint tissues and by supplying glucosamine in the diet increases the production of synovial fluid and ledbroskämnen, leading to a better softness in leden.Tillskott of Glucosamine has been found to be particularly effective in ensuring good hinge functions. Not just the stress and monotony of work, but also in connection with age.


Many feel that they are a stronger and better functioning immune system with MSM. MSM powder makes the cells more permeable, which means that the cell can more easily get rid of toxins and more effectively take nutrients, MSM powder can be used year after year without a break of cells optimal function.
MSM is found in every cell in the body with the highest concentration in the joints, muscles, hair, skin, nails, connective tissue. The body uses MSM to create new cells, work that is going on around the clock. If the sulfur is, the building then. In the healing of injuries, resulting sulfur deficiency often severe scarring. Excess sulfur excreted from the body within a day and there are no side effects and MSM are considered one of nature's most non-toxic substances.


Long kondroitinkedjor is the basis of all the cartilage tissue and help to make cartilage resilient so that it can take up loads and operate cushioning. The cartilage does not have its own blood supply that can provide the nutrition for construction and maintenance. The nutrients that the cartilage needs construction and maintenance may instead from the synovial fluid that flows around the joint, when the joint work.
Chondroitin acts like a magnet for this liquid, and make it easier accessible to the cartilage. Chondroitin also prevents existing cartilage from deterioration and as glucosamine helps also to the formation of new cartilage tissue. By increasing the levels of chondroitin in the diet increases the formation of new cartilage.

Hyaluronic acid:

Adds substances dog among others need for regeneration of articular cartilage, synovial fluid and cells.
Daily supplements of Hyaluron has proved very effective in preventing motion-related problems among active and older dogs. Hyaluronic acid makes synovial fluid lubricating and cushioning.

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