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Animacare, Shine 120 tablets

 Animacare, Shine 120 tablets
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Swedish-made Swedish developed complementary feed for dogs and cats. Supplements for skin, hair and nails.

A beautiful coat is built from within. It makes strong claws too. Shine contains a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and medicinal herb horsetail. Shine is a perfect addition in the stressful periods, when your animal shed, or if you just want to ensure that it is getting exactly what you need for a beautiful, healthy hair and strong nails.

Instructions: 1 chewable tablet per 20 kg body weight daily. The dose may be advantageously doubled the first month. The tablets are palatable and most animals eat them gladly.

Composition: Dried leaves of Horsetail (equisetum arvanse) 0.91%, Calcium carbonate 45.33%, starch from potatoes 10.44%, Magnesium Salt of stearic acid 1.55%.

Additives mg / kg: Vitamins B1: 1111.11, B2: 444.44, 6666.67 Niacin, Pantothenic acid: 3333.33, B6: 555.56, B12: 1.11, Folic Acid: 66.67, Biotin: 22 , 22, pABA: 666.67, Inositol: 4444.44. Trace elements: Silicon: 17777.78, Zinc: 11111.11. Amino acids: DL-Methionine: 4444.44, L-lysine: 17777.78.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 3.2%, crude fiber 14.6%, water 6.8%, Crude Oil and Crude fat 1% Ash 38.1%.

Net Weight 54g 120 chewable tablets.

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